Thursday 11 April 2013

Warm fluffy gloves

I have been meaning to blog these for a while, before I forget what I did.
I had some Sirdar Essence wool left over from a cardigan I made a few years back, not really enough to make anything other than small accessories, but I wore the cardigan recently and remembered how warm this wool is.
So as usual I headed off to Ravelry to find a suitable pattern. I found a pattern called "Ardor Fingerless Mitts" by Stacey Gerbman, available here
I wanted quite a snug fit so I dropped a couple of needle sizes down to a 6mm. The pattern gives instuctions for long and short gloves, but I went for a halfway between and they are great. Really comfortable and warm. Love them!!

and this is the cardigan that I had made, although its quite lacy it is lovely and warm.

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