Monday 1 April 2013

Monochromatic Week - Black & White

It's Monochromatic Week on All Things Nails and my immediate thought was black & white, although monochrome means one colour or shades of one colour, so black or white, or any other colour. I checked it out on Wikipedia and that is the case but the term is often used to mean the same as black & white.
Anyway, that aside, I decided to do black and white and having just acquired Nubar Black Polka Dots I thought it would be a great opportunity to try out both the Black & the White Polka Dots.
I don't actually own a pure white, but I have OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls which is a very pale grey, almost white, and I have used Nails Inc Black Taxi.
So this is my base...
The Nubar Polka Dots are very elusive! Plenty of the fine glitter came out, but first time round only 1 white dot and no black ones at all! It's also rather difficult to see if you have any on the brush with the black since the brush is black too, and I think I might try to find a white brush to apply these with next time! I finally got enough out to create the effect I had in my mind and this is it.
And because she was black & white, a pic of Posky, who would have been 19 last week.

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