Friday, 15 May 2015

May Challenges - Nautical

The challenge for #clairestelle8may was Nautical, so I went with the first thing that came into my mind - blue sailor stripes and red anchors and ships wheels!
I love stripes, despite the fact that my mum always told me horizontal stripes will make you look fat! So, I started a white base of Barry M Cotton and added some nice fat blue stripes, with Avon Classic Fit and Lealac LLC-A.
They might be rather bright but I liked these and they reminded me of old fashioned milk jugs!
Then came the tricky part. I love stamping but placing individual images is hard! (the other hand is worse). I used A England Perceval and Apipila Super Plate A to add the anchors and wheels.
Not my best ever stamping but they do look quite cute.
Finally I had to add a bit of a matchy pic with my fishermans sweater.
Lealac LLC-A.
Stripey nails
Apipila Super Plate A
Apipila Super Plate A
Apipila Super Plate A