Sunday 31 May 2015

May Challenges - A Pond Mani as Bloggers Choice

The #30daysofcolourchallenge for today was Bloggers Choice and I had intended to try a fan brush mani but I've been wanting to try a pond mani for so long that now I vave my Kandy Colors jellies I just had to try.
I faffed around for ages trying to decide if I needed an opaque base to work off and after a couple of false starts I decided I did - I wasn't prepared to put up with that VNL!
I used a single of coat of Nails Inc Holland Park Gardens (a delicate pale green), and then added a single coat of Kandy Colors Retro - the neon blue jelly. Then I stamped a swirly paisley pattern from Messy Mansion MM48 with Mentality White Opaque.
I then added a coat of Kandy Colors Carnival - the neon green and then stamped again using the same image and polish.
The Mentality polish stamps as silver and in this case was not the best polish to use, I should have used Essence Stampy 001 as it is such a bright white the effect would have had greater impact. See this as an opportunity to try another pond mani very soon!
Anyway, as the silver stamping was not really showing up the jelly layers particularly well, I stopped here and did not add the planned 3rd layer (I would have gone back to blue for more of a watery look).
It's not a disaster, I still think it looks pretty but was not what I was aiming for.
pond mani -
Messy Mansion MM48 Kandy Colors Retro & Carnival
and Mentality White Opaque

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