Friday 22 January 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - 3 Shades of Purple with Splatter

Well, the colour prompt for 40 Great Nail Art Ideas was 3 shades of purple -  not a problem, I must have a couple of hundred purples. The pattern prompt however was Splatter. I did try! in fact my rough try on the UberMat indicated that whilst messy, it would work, so I did all the preparation ready to get messy and then failed! so after a number of futile attempts I went for plan B (which I would have done on the other hand anyway!) and stamped. I am not proud of my failure but I think I am pragmatic and that after a while there seemed nothing to be gained by getting frustrated.
I used Yours Cosmetics Sascha Gossen YS12 and an image which I imagine would be great for fake water spotting but I think looks reasonably splattery too.
I started with a base of HJ Manicure Lavender which is a gorgeous slightly dusky purple. This is a lovely creme polish, applied beautifully and dries to a nice glossy finish. Pictures are taken with top coat.
Having abandoned the messy splatter fiasco I stamped, first with Leighton Denny Really Royal and then Virtuous Polish Queen Ester.
I had planned to use this as a base for another mani but actually I liked it so much I left it as it was.
HJ Manicure Lavender
HJ Manicure Lavender
 HJ Manicure Lavender

3 shades of Purple - Splatter - YS12
3 shades of Purple - Splatter


  1. I love the result!! It doesn't look like stamping at all!

    1. thank you! maybe I could have gotten away with it :)

  2. This is really pretty! I agree it doesn't look like stamping at all.