Sunday 19 June 2016

June Challenges - A Smoosh and Unicorns

Right, I think I will give blogging a rest, except for those that have to be blogged. I have thought long and hard about it, but there just never seems to be enough time to do it well and I don't want it to be a scrappy effort (although a few recent ones have been brief to say the least)
This week's smoosh was pink, blue and gold - I used Nails Inc Sugarloaf Sunset, St James Square and A England Holy Grail.
Unicorns for #clairestelle8june - well I started with UberChicUC 6-01 and Esmaltes da Kelly Fox Fur over my smoosh - and I think that unicorn poops might look a bit like this!!
UC 6-01 is my newest UberChic plate - I know I am a bit behind!! I couldn't quite make up my mind if I needed this set but there are so many images other people have used that I liked I decided to go for it and I love how Esmaltes da Kelly Fox Fur stamps!!
There don't seem to be many unicorn plates, perhaps as rare and shy as unicorns themselves - I found an image on Apipila Super Plate C but to be honest I preferred the previous stage. I am not that keen on single images on my nails, much prefer a pattern and my nails are a bit too small for this unicorn anyway,
UberChicUC 6-01 and Esmaltes da Kelly Fox Fur
UberChicUC 6-01 and Esmaltes da Kelly Fox Fur
Apipila Super Plate C
Apipila Super Plate C

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