Thursday 16 May 2013

A England Bridal Veil

Well today I have a beautiful and frustrating polish for you! This is Gem of the Month on the A England website so it's selling at a special price, so after much dithering I ordered it. It arrived on Monday and Tuesday was my wedding anniversary so I thought it fitting to wear it. It's also Indie week on the Facebook group and these lovely A Englands are the nearest thing I have to an Indie.
This is a lovely black with a subtle holographic shimmer, very easy to apply, great coverage in 2 coats and extremely beautiful, especially in the sun. I love that it is subtle:- wild crazy holo's look lovely but are not for me, but it is very tricky to photograph - hence lots of pics, and frustration!
For the record, I was unsure whether to get this in case it was dupe for the back Glittergal that I have. Strangely, in the bottle the Glittergal looks very holo, but on the nail they look almost identical. I imagine if we had a very sunny day I'd have been able to tell the difference and then would definitely prefer Bridal Veil.
I'm also a bit sad as it occured to me that it's such a shame I didn't know about beautiful nail varnishes when I got married, maybe there weren't any :(
My mum would have had a blue fit if I'd got married with black nails, but I did have to take a few pics with my wedding dress, I've included a couple at the end of this post. I'd have loved to have worn something like this on my special day.
A England Bridal Veil

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