Wednesday 15 May 2013

Maybelline Colour Show Polka Dots

A couple of weeks ago there was a bit of excitement on the nail pages of Facebook about these new  Maybelline polishes, so I had to have a try.
These are Maybelline Colour Show Polka Dots in Shooting Stars (blue), Rain Forest Canopy (teal green) and Speckled Pink. Each has a coloured base with two sizes of white and black hexagonal glitter and also tiny white and black dots.
The 1st 2 pics are with 1 coat and then with 2 coats. The base itself is quite sheer, and I have since seen swatches with up to 4 coats to get them to full opacity, but I guess it depends on how many dots you want on your nails as too how many coats you are prepared to apply. Personally the 2nd coat for me is probably a bit much, on the pink and the blue, the green seemed a little less packed with particles.
Because I didn't want too many layers of dots, I re-swatched over undies. I chose Leighton Denny Captivated, Persian and So LA which I think are a pretty good match. Possibly too good as it almost meant what was the point of having a coloured base?
I think at some point I'll re-swatch them over a less similar undie, I have seen white suggested, so maybe white or similar toned pastels.
Anyway, they dried well, application was pretty easy, distribution of glitter was good. They are great colours, the fact that I had those LD colours in my collection mean these must be "my colours", and I am looking forward to trying them again. Great value at £2.99 each, even better value if you have a boots or Superdrug selling them at 3 for 2, or buy one get one half price.

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