Tuesday 14 May 2013

More Gloves

Thought I'd blog these last 2 pairs of gloves that I've made.
This blue pair are Three Cable Fingerless Mittens from Rubyknits, pattern sourced from Ravelry.
I used Stylecraft Life Chunky wool in Blue Haze, with 4mm needles. The pattern called for 6mm needles but I wanted a tighter snugger fit.
I made these for a friend, and when I'd finished I had enough wool to make another pair for another friend so 2 pairs out of 100g ball, pretty good I thought. Quite easy to knit, I adapted the pattern a bit along the way, but I am pleased with the outcome and my friends were delighted.
I like these so much I may well make a pair for myself too.
Three Cable Fingerless Mittens
The 2nd pattern I've done was called Handed Yes, Fingered No designed by Ellen M Silva of Twinset Designs, also sourced from Ravelry. I have used this pattern a few times, usually with double knittting wool and 3.75mm needles, but this time I used a scrap of Aran Marl I had in my stash so they are nice and snug.
Very quick and easy to do, but they are handed in that the back of the hand has no increases, all the thumb increasing is done on the palm, hence being "handed". These are a lovely neutral shade, easy to wear, nice and simple.
Handed Yes, Fingered No
palm of hand, showing thumb gusset
back of hand, and thumb - no increases here :)

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  1. Hi
    The cables are 4 stitches wide, they are lovely and simple :)
    this is a link to Ravelry where I got the pattern