Saturday 11 May 2013

Nails Inc Southwark

It's still Blue Week on All Things Nails, so here is my 2nd blue contribution. I think this has to be the bluest blue in my collection!
This is more of a jelly than a cream, so really I think I needed 3 coats to completely obscure the nail line but it is such a lovely uplifting colour. The pictures are taken with no top coat as I had plans to put something over this, hence not being so fussed about getting a completely opaque finish, but look how glossy it is.
Application was good, but the formula is definitely less thick than say Baker Street. Having said that, I did give it a good shake and I think I got a better result.
Nails Inc Southwark
Nails Inc Southwark
 Nails Inc SouthwarkNails Inc SouthwarkNails Inc Southwark


  1. That's one of the loveliest blues I've ever seen. Looks good with the neutral yarn - almost weather-like :).