Thursday 16 May 2013

China Glaze Some Like it Haute, with A England Bridal Veil

One of my favourite types of mani is the glitter gradient, which I first saw on a post by Lucy of Lucy's Stash. I have done this one using China Glaze Some Like it Haute over A England Bridal Veil. Some Like it Haute is a beautiful well packed glitter, which I consider to be grey. It is a mix of tiny silver/grey micro-glitters and larger holographic particles in a clear base and it is super sparkly. I have a applied a thin brush stroke across the base of the nail, then wiped the brush on the bottle and then returned to the nail to drag the glitter up towards the tip. It's a bit hit and miss for me whether this technique works but it worked quite well with this glitter, it is well packed but not so dense that you can't get that gradient look.
It has quite a rough finish and I used 3 coats of top coat. I'm afraid as with the  Bridal Veil pictures, the shots don't really do it justice. The silver/grey glitter is very pretty and goes well with the shimmery black of the Bridal Veil, and the holographic particles pick up all sorts of colours. Despite the sunshine this afternoon, I failed to pick that up in  my pictures.
China Glaze Some Like it Haute


  1. Ooooh I adore the gradient effect with the glitter!

  2. It's lovely, isn't it, even prettier in real life!!