Tuesday 11 November 2014

Dotticure over Saran wrap mani using 3 Nails Inc Glamour freebies

A while back I joined one of Debbie Crumpet's facebook groups, Simples - Nails Art from Muggles to Mastery. In this group Debbie does tutorials on simple nail art techniques, and more recently is combining the skills learned to do more complex manis. I joined the group late and have been doing catch up, although picking the skills that appeal most to me. One of the most recent tutorials was for a dotticure (spotty mani) over a saran wrap base. I have done the saran wrap a couple of times so I figured I'd skip the dotticure on its own and do it straight over a saran wrap - wrong!! I really should have practiced the dotting a bit more first, but anyway, this is what happened.
Having succesfully tracked down the 3 of the Nails Inc freebies from Glamour magazine, I decided I'd try them all out at once.
I painted my nails with Wigmore Street, a beautiful pure purple. Excellent quality, impossible to photograph, my camera is adamant it is blue, unless I stand in bright sunlight, then I have over exposed fingers but the nails are a better colour.
Then I did the saran wrap bit, being braver as promised, I used the contrasting Marylebone Mews, which is a creamy grey lilac. The effect I think was fantastic, giving a stunning marble type finish, which I have to say looked a bit messy when I was done until I top coated it and fell completely in love with it.
Finally, the dotty bit. I used my largest dotting tool and Hanover Square which is a deep warm burgundy shade, which I think worked well over the lightened purple. I have watched the video and taken note of the key points: only one dot and then back to the polish for the next one so they stay consistent in size, don't use the polish once it gets sticky, place the dots equally - what could go wrong?
Well, dot 1 was fine, dot 2, I aimed for being in line with dot 1 but didn't quite manage that! got to the top of the nail, ah ha- my nails are the wrong length, so no room for the final dot based on my spacings!! So they are not quite equidistant, not all the same size, and my hand ached by the time I'd done the first hand. Second hand was even trickier and certainly not symmetrical with the first one.
They did look a whole lot better with top coat on and although I was pretty disappointed with them yesterday, they look better today, I am tolerating their imperfections!
I am pleased with the colour combination, and think the burgundy does work well over the marbley purple. I was ready to abandon dots but no - I will try again and I will get better!
Nails Inc Hanover Square Dotticure
Nails Inc Hanover Square Dotticure
Nails Inc Wigmore Street
Nails Inc Wigmore Street + Marylebone Mews Saran wrap
Nails Inc Wigmore Street and
Marylebone Mews Saran wrap
Nails Inc Hanover Square Dotticure
Nails Inc Hanover Square Dotticure
 Nails Inc Hanover Square Dotticure
 Nails Inc Hanover Square Dotticure


  1. I love this! I saw it on instagram without the dots and thought it was really pretty but this adds so much depth! I love how glossy and deep this looks :D xx

    1. thank you, I have to confess, I like the saran wrap best, the dots are cool too :)