Tuesday 18 November 2014

Nails inspired by a gorgeous scarf : some dotting and stamping

Today I have done a mani inspired by a really lovely scarf I bought from Colour Therapy. I don't buy a lot of clothes, most of what I wear is either ancient, knitted or both! but I do have a bit of a weakness for a pretty scarf!
This scarf is navy blue, tealy green, and a soft grey with some additional dark grey patterning.
As this scarf arrived around the same time as 2 delicious looking holo polishes from Colors by Llarowe, one blue and one teal it seemed obvious to me that I should try to recreate something of the scarf on my nails. In addition to In the Navy and Gizmo (teal), I decide to use Nails Inc Marylebone Mews for the grey part.
With In the Navy as my base I added some quite random flower shapes with my largest dotting tool and Marylebone Mews. Once dry, I then added the 2nd layer of flower shapes with Gizmo.It looked reasonable, worked vaguely as it had in my mind but something was missing, it needed some definition. I went to my stamping plates to look for something floral, and chose CICI&SISI 10. This plate has an image where the flowers look like they've been drawn with a spirograph (an arty toy I had when I was young). This was perfect as really I just wanted some lines on the mani, to pull it all together. I stamped with A England Camelot, and I am really impressed with the finished result. The 2 holo shades and the creme polish look great under the black stamping, the black barely visible over the blue but clearer over the flowers.
I am so pleased I added the stamping over this, the blue and green holos are both such lovely colours, and I am glad I used a creme for the 3rd shade, another holo I think would have been too much but the black just finishes it off.
This definitely will be recorded as one of my more arty efforts and now I am wondering what else I can do using these techniques.
Nails inspired by a gorgeous scarf
flash photo
the scarf

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