Tuesday 25 November 2014

Stamping! A England Fotheringhay Castle with A England Rose Bower

Today I have stamped over my beautiful green Fotheringhay Castle. I wanted to stamp with something contrasting, and having lined up a good selection of my A England polishes I chose Rose Bower, which I last wore almost a year ago! Where did that year go?
Rose Bower is a stunning raspberry red, just enough pinkiness to it for me as I am not a red red fan! I think it looks fantastic with the vibrant green. It stamped really well but I didn't quite seem to be able to capture the contrast between these shades - to the naked eye the images are pin sharp.
I used Moyou London Mother Nature 02 and selected the end of a small branch with leaves and flowers. I think this has a bit of an autumn feel to it and I love the colours together.
A England Fotheringhay Castle and Rose Bower
A England Fotheringhay Castle with A England Rose Bower


  1. Commenting as one who has been fortunate enough to see this combination IRL - the contrast is a lot sharper than shown here. It's a lovely, seasonal look - almost Christmassy!

    1. thanks Gill, perhaps I'll do it again for Christmas :) xx