Tuesday 4 November 2014

Stamping! A England Princess Sabra over Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo

Today I have been stamping again, this time a swirly floral pattern using A England Princess Tears over Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo.
I chose Princess Tears thinking it would go nicely with this polish since there are gold flakies in the Pahlish and Princess Sabra is a lovely greeny gold holo. I think they work really well together and although the flakies are still a bit shy I love that you can catch glimpses of the red glitter between the stamped images.
The plate I have used this time is CICI&SISI12. I think I am getting the hang of these plates now and I stamped all 10 nails fairly quickly without any difficulty. The image I chose was a nice easy one to place since it didn't really matter about positioning.
The A England polishes stamp so well. I am delighted to be using polishes like Princess Sabra, Princess Tears and Ascalon, which were my first 3 A Englands. I love them so much but I do have a preference for darker shades so they don't get used as much as I'd like. I think they will now! The contrast between a pale beautiful holo and a dark glossy vampy shade is just heaven!!! Expect plenty more manis like this on my blog!!
Lots of pictures, again - sorry and please excuse the fact that there are raindrops on my nails - it was very wet today!!
(updated - the sun shone so I added  a couple more pics)
A England Princess Sabra over Pahlish The Ghost of Banquo

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