Friday 13 May 2016

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Neons and Tribal

The colour prompt for this week's #40greatnailartideas was Neons and the pattern Prompt was Tribal.
I decided to a Cystic Fibrosis Awareness mani as my base and use neon purples - I have 3 purple neons that were sufficiently different, Virtuous Polish Queen Ester, China Glaze Violet-Vibes, and Kleancolor Neon Purple.
I splodged the China Glaze and Kleancolor on first and then used the Virtuous Polish with a small brush as it has pretty much dried up and is not much use for anything else now - a real dry brush mani!
I really liked how it turned out.
Then I stamped with MJ XXVIII and Avon Iceberg White. I haven't tried this Avon polish before but I liked how it stamped, not too harsh a white so the overall look was still very purple.
Purple Neon
MJ XXVIII with Avon Iceberg White
MJ XXVIII with Avon Iceberg White
 MJ XXVIII with Avon Iceberg White
 MJ XXVIII with Avon Iceberg White


  1. Really pretty!
    Can I suggest you make your blog pictures larger? I would love to see all the detail in the manicures :)

    1. Thanks Zara, I'll see if I can add some larger pics in future for the detail ones!