Monday 2 May 2016

April Challenges - #nailswithigfriends - Landscape

I was chosen to host this month's #nailswithigfriends - I was very nervous about this but in the end I chose landscape as the prompt as I felt that was sufficiently open for people decide what they might like to do.
I was so worried that no-one would send me a mani but in the end I had 17, which I think was OK. They were all lovely!
For my own mani I chose to surprise you all by NOT stamping! Inspired by one of the prompt photos I had used (from google) I went for a snowy mountain landscape using simple brush strokes and acrylic paints to create the layers of mountain ranges.
It wasn't quite as perfect as the image in my head - is it ever? but I think it was OK.
Finally, I just had to stamp over it and I was just looking at the Bundlemonster Secret Garden plates when I spotted the dandelions on BM-706.
Clearly out of context with the background, I decided that didn't matter and stamped them anyway using Barry M Cotton which is a wonderful polish for when you want white but you really don't need a crisp harsh white..
I was really pleased with the end result.
Bundlemonster Secret Garden BM-706 and Barry M Cotton
Bundlemonster Secret Garden BM-706
and Barry M Cotton