Tuesday, 16 June 2015

June Challenges - Matte / Monochromatic

Yesterday's #30daysofcolourchallenge was Matte / Monochromatic. I did get it done on time but I'm a bit behind on blogging.
Anyway, I decided I'd do for blue and chose 4 blues for this, China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind, Virtuous Polish Charity, Virtuous Polish Deborah, Virtuous Polish Temperance.
I started with a white base and added 2 coats of the neon blue China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind, not really a me colour on its own but great as a bright base.
My Apipila Super Plate B arrived yesterday so whatever I had planned to stamp was abandoned in favour of the newest plate, of course. I started with the swirl, I've seen so many lovely swirly manis done with tape - I know I'd make a mess of that but stamping is so much easier! So I stamped with Virtuous Polish Charity which is a lovely dark slightly tealy blue.
Next I chose a geometric zig - zaggy triangle pattern and stamped that with Virtuous Polish Deborah which is a pretty pastel/neon hybrid - again, not a colour I'd want to wear on its own but it stamps nicely and I loved the look of the angles over the swirls.
Then for my 4th colour I used Virtuous Polish Temperance, a dark blue, leaning very slightly violet and I went back to the swirl stamp again. I am not sure if I can still see all the blues but it was fun building this up.
Finally I added a coat of Avon Destination Peach which is a pretty matte top coat with a slight peachy shimmer, not always appropriate but OK here I think and better than my OPI.
Matte / Monochromatic - blue!!!
China Glaze DJ Blue My Mind
Virtuous Polish Charity and
Apipila Super Plate B
Virtuous Polish Charity, Virtuous Polish Deborah
and Apipila Super Plate B
Virtuous Polish Charity, Virtuous Polish Deborah,
Virtuous Polish Temperance, Apipila Super Plate B


  1. Pretty! I like how from a distance it looks like tie dye!

  2. Very pretty the top swirls look as if they're floating on top of the other image creating depth, just lovely.

    1. they play with your mind don't they :)

  3. I love the two shades of blue and how they circle each other here. Makes for such a nice finish!