Monday 16 March 2015

Galaxy nails - Picture Polish Bohemian, A England Rose Bower and Her Rose Adagio and a little bit of stamping

Today I have at long last tried galaxy nails! The simple truth is that although I have seen and loved lots of galaxy nails, I doubted my ability to paint any stars and had the nastiest feeling that I could do a really nice background and then make a real mess at the final step.
UberChic Beauty to the rescue! As I was carefully inspecting the images on my UberChic plates, I spotted an image on UC 2-03 which looked perfect! lots of little stars randomly scattered in the sky.
Picture Polish Bohemian is my main polish for this mani - I first saw some swatches a couple of weeks ago and I had 2 conflicting thoughts - pinky/red/bronze - absolutely not my colours - but for some reason I wanted it anyway! I think it was the idea of a multi-chrome type polish in a range of colours unlike any I had seen before.
I finally gave in to that inner voice that told me I needed this polish and when it arrived I swatched it thinking I'd hate it but I didn't. I also swatched it over black, as I would with any duo or multi-chrome, and decided maybe that's where I'd start as I was really in the mood for dark vampy nails.
I painted my nails with a base of China Glaze Liquid Leather, and then in order to avoid any streakines I sponged a light coat of Bohemian over the top. It looked so pretty that I just top-coated it and wore it like that for a day but as I looked at it it struck me that would make a lovely base for galaxy nails, and there was that UberChic plate just waiting to be stamped!
So, today, I used a small sponge and added some A England Rose Bower and Her Rose Adagio. Then I stamped the stars with my Essence Stampy 001.
If you look closely at the plate you'd see there are more stars than on my nails but I made a point of scraping quite thoroughly and as a result I didn't pick up as many of the tinier stars. I thought with all the colours and the holo, it may be a bit much. I also took a clean up brush and carefully brushed a few more out before topcoating.
I am completely in love with the finished look and I will certainly be trying these again!
Galaxy nails
Galaxy nails
Galaxy nails
 Galaxy nails
 Galaxy nails
Galaxy nails
 Galaxy nails
Picture Polish Bohemian
Picture Polish Bohemian sponged over black


  1. Ooh la la, that looks really cool!! x

    1. thank you! they seemed to be very popular :) most ever likes on IG :)