Sunday 15 March 2015

March Challenge #clairestelle8march - Neon

I am late blogging this but yesterday, Claire's challenge was Neons. I don't really have any neons as such but I do have the Virtuous Polish Women of Valor, which are described as neon pastel hybrids, so I thought I'd better use those.
There are seven colours so I started with a blob of the yellow shade in the centre of each nail and then used the other six around it. Then I stamped the wavy design from UberChic Beauty plate UC 2-02 in black over the top.
I actually wish I'd stamped in white, but it was too late to change it all. I think black would have worked better with brighter shades and when I used white over these polishes before the result was really pretty.
However, my IG feedback was amazing and I got more likes for that picture than any I have ever had before!
Funnily enough, my 2nd most liked picture is the white on neon-pastel I did about 2 weeks ago - clearly neons are the way to go!!!
Neons - Virtuous Polish Women of Valor and
UberChic 2-02

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