Monday 9 March 2015

Dry Watermarbling with Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens and Instyle Power Pink

Today I thought I'd have a try at dry watermarbling. This is where you create the water marbled pattern in a cup of water, but then leave it to set for a couple of hours. Then you carefully lift it out, lay it on some tissue to dry and then cut up it so that you can apply it to your nails like decals.
I used Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens and Instyle Power Pink. I figured the cup was a bit small so I took the precaution of painting my nails with Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens so if I didn't have enough decal it wouldn't be the end of the world (well it wouldn't anyway but you know what I mean).
To my enormous surprise it did dry and I was able to lift the pattern out intact. I cut it into pieces and then one by one I top-coated my nails and added a piece of the pattern. I tried to press it down fairly firmly before the decal completely dissolved but did have the same issues as I do with stencils and nail vinyls - flat surfaces and curved nails don't go.
Another coat of top coat once I had trimmed and cleaned up did sort some of it out, but it wasn't perfect, so I hid the imperfections under a coat of Dance Legend Top Sahara!!
I can still see some imperfections but it looks pretty, I love the two colours together and I am encouraged enough to want to try it again!
Who would have thought a year ago I would wear a water marbled mani, with pastel bluey/teal and pretty pink, and what's more I really like it!!!
Dry Watermarbling -
Nails Inc Royal Botanical Gardens and Instyle Power Pink

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