Monday 9 March 2015

Stamping! A fruit themed mani with DRK XL Designer 2, A England Dragon and an alcohol ink base

A small group of friends decided we should do a fruit themed mani - you can see the others on Instragram #tncnailedit.
This is my contribution:-
I started with a base of Barry M Coconut (is that a fruit? I think so) and then I had my first play with alcohol inks. The colour I used was Citrus, a bright vibrant greeny yellow, clearly this is a fruit!
I have seen so many manis using alcohol inks so I had to try! I just did a very basic one to start, just sponging a little ink over the Coconut base. I then top coated and you have to be very careful here, the top coat really did disturb the ink, even more than it smudges stamping.
Then I stamped using A England Dragon (there is a dragon fruit, you know!) and DRK XL Designer 2 which has the cutest little pineapples on it!
I think maybe I should have toned down the citrus base for a better contrast but on the whole I think it turned out OK.
DRK XL Designer 2  and A England Dragon
DRK XL Designer 2  and A England Dragon
 DRK XL Designer 2  and A England Dragon
Citrus alcohol ink base
Barry M Coconut
Barry M Coconut


  1. Pineapples...hooray! I love the effect the alcohol ink added and how much depth it has. Beautiful mani x