Monday 30 March 2015

March Challenge #clairestelle8march - Gems

Well, I had to cheat for today's challenge - I hope Claire doesn't mind! It was either cheat or skip this one and I have managed to do all the others so it would have been shame.
The prompt is Charms/ Nails Gems but I don't have anything suitable so I have just gone with stamped gems!
To make up for cheating I have tackled a new technique, reverse stamping (I think), where you colour the stamped image before placing it on the nail.
I started with a base of Nails Inc New York Noir. Then I chose my 3 most gem-like polishes- China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Nails Inc Emerald Street, and Kleancolour Neon Sapphire.
I splodged a little of each of these gem polishes onto all my nails except the ring fingers and smushed them around with a bit of bubble wrap.
I used UberChic Beauty UC 2-02 for the ring fingers. I stamped the diamond image with Mentality White Opaque and then carefully coloured the diamonds in with the 3 chosen polishes. Once this was dry I top coated the ring finger and stamped the coloured image (5 times until I got it right!)
The Kleancolour didn't work too well merging with the white stamped image but the Nails Inc and China Glaze seemed OK so that once top coated again you can clearly see the shimmery colour shining through.
This was quite time consuming and I am glad I only tried to do one finger on each hand but at least I tried and now know what's involved if I decide to try again.
Gems - UberChic Beauty UC2-02
Gems - UberChic Beauty UC2-02
 Gems - UberChic Beauty UC2-02
 Gems - UberChic Beauty UC2-02
Gems - UberChic Beauty UC2-02

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