Wednesday 8 April 2015

April Challenges - Black and Monochrome Swirls

The #30daysofcolourchallenge is black today, so I have chosen a rather special one. Above the Curve Sirius Black is from the Harry Potter Collection. It is a gorgeous holo and it glows in the dark!
In the sunlight it does look like a black holo but in daylight without the sun it does look very slightly dark green - I assume that is the glow pigment. The finish is also a bit grainy which again I think is down to the pigment so I did add a 2nd coat of top coat for a really glossy finish.
No pictures of it glowing in the dark I am afraid as my phone doesn't have the capacity to take those sort of pics but it definitely glowed last night, a white green eerie glow.
I love this, it is so wearable, the holo softens it so if you are not in the mood for a really black, glossy polish this is a lovely alternative.
I was lucky enough to get a reasonable sunshine shot but I have also included a daylight shot and an indoor LED shot.

The #ukstampersapril challenge was monochrome swirls so it made sense to do the swirls over Sirius Black. As I had used a soft black I decided to stay subtle and use Saffron London White with Pueen Buffet Leisure 74 for my swirls. I think they look very pretty and delicate.
I was a bit concerned that my Essence white might have been a bit too harsh... but then as I am a bit addicted to double stamping, I did it anyway!
Above The Curve Sirius Black
Above The Curve Sirius Black
Above The Curve Sirius Black
 Above The Curve Sirius Black

Monochrome swirls - Pueen 74 and Saffron London White

Monochrome swirls - Pueen 74, saffron London white
 and Essence Stampy 001

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