Sunday 12 April 2015

April Challenges - Creme and Tribal and a Jelly

Two more challenges yesterday, a creme polish for #30daysofcolourchallenge and tribal for #clairestelle8april, and then because I am trying to catch up, another for today's #30daysofcolourchallenge, a jelly.
For the creme polish I decided to swatch the new Nails Inc Marie Claire freebie Fiesta which is a gorgeous hot pink.
I am really fussy about my pinks but I love this, it's quite dark and has just that hint of blue that makes it a "me" pink.
Lovely application and really good coverage, this dried with a wonderful glossy finish although I have top coated it too for the pictures.
For the tribal nails I added a gradient with Nails Inc Atomic and Princes Street and then stamped with Essence Stampy 001 and Moyou London Explorer 22. I am not 100% sure the pattern is tribal but it was in my mind when I planned it.
Finally, the jelly.
I don't have a lot of jellies as I don't like having to build up layers to hide the nail line but as a polish over stamping that issue is sorted and of course there seem to be some wonderful pond manis around now - definitely on my list of things to try!
Anyway, I swatched Jacava Regent Street on its own a while back but it has gone a bit gloopy and I wsn't happy with it. This time as I am short of time I have just added a single coat over the tribal mani. It is still gloopy but it mattered less today. It's a shame as all my other Jacavas are still perfect.
This is a deep berry red jelly with holographic glitters. I am sure some were coloured when I got it but they seem to have lost their colour and the glitter distribution is a bit random due to the gloopiness!
All that aside I think it makes an interesting addition to the tribal mani and I'll try to use it again soon over stamping.
Nails Inc Fiesta
Nails Inc Fiesta
Nails Inc Fiesta , Atomic and Princes Street
sunset gradient 
Moyou London Explorer 22
Tribal nails with Moyou London Explorer 22
Jacava Regent Street
Jacava Regent Street


  1. Gaaah I love the stamping!! Geometric prints are among my favorites for sure!