Sunday 26 April 2015

April Challenges - Spring Flowers

I am a bit late with this challenge, but I think I am all up to date now.
The #clairestelle8april challenge for last Friday was spring flowers and I very nearly stamped the flowers over Friday's Houndstooth mani but couldn't quite bring myself to do it, so the flowers are stamped over yesterday's stamped watermarbly nails instead.
I have done tulips before but what I really wanted to try was stamping with one colour for the heads and another colour for the leaves - that wouldn't work with my other stamping plate as the heads and leaves are all mixed up but then I saw my lovely friend Tracey from Bite No More using a different plate which was much more suitable for what I wanted to do, so I ordered the plate she used, a cheapy from Ebay.
So, I have used Essence Stampy 001 for the heads, and Virtuous Polish Green Pastures for the leaves. The contrast isn't great for the leaves, I perhaps should have gone with a paler green but they do look pretty.
I still see my stamping as a trial and error thing- some ideas and combinations work better than others but hopefully because I have recorded them on my blog I shouldn't repeat the same mistakes too many times :)
Spring Flowers

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