Thursday 19 February 2015

A2Z Series - O is for Old

It's Thursday again and this week's letter is O - O is for Old.
I decided to use my oldest polish, Avon Lagoon. I am not entirely sure how how old it it is, but I think it's from about 2004. Back in the days before I was really into nails, I only had Avon polishes and Lagoon was a real favourite.
Obviously my tastes have changed a bit in 10 years and pale blue sheer and shimmery would not be a go-to polish but blue is still my favourite colour for nails.
Anyway, I wasn't really going to wear this on its own although I took a quick picture for reference.
I decided quite some time ago that the gorgeous Messy Mansion plate MM43 would be the perfect plate to use, as it is all about clockwork type images and in this digital age, clockwork means old!
I also decided that A England Virgin Queen would be the perfect stamping partner, with its burnished bronze shade being just right for the clockwork, giving the mani that antiquey feel.
What I failed to factor in was how it would photograph. What I can see -  pretty, but quite subtle mani of blue and bronze - what my camera can see - something blue perhaps? shame my oldest polish wasn't a bit darker or lighter!
Well, since pictures are being unhelpful here, I can report that Messy Mansion MM43 is a lovely plate, A England Virgin Queen is a beautiful polish and stamps nicely, and my oldest polish is the worst choice ever for a stamping base. Rest assured, MM43 and Virgin Queen will be used again, very soon over a nice dark creme base!
A2Z Series - O is for Old
A England Virgin Queen and MM43 over my oldest polish

Avon Lagoon
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  1. This made me giggle. Isn't it a pain in the butt when that happens? But it's a beautiful manicure none the less and I the blue really pretty x