Friday 27 February 2015

Stamping! DRK XL Designer 2 with Avon Classic Fit and Leighton Denny Honey Trap

Well, I have been stamping again - I was all set to try a bit of lead lighting today, I'd done a base of Leighton Denny Honey Trap. I'd then painted TarasTalons Mardi Gras on my thumbs and 2 fingers of each hand. Mardigras is a delicate pale blue holo - very pretty. I had then added a touch of TarasTalons Ol' Blue Eyes - a lovely mid blue holo - with saran wrap. The intention was to stamp all the nails and then lead light the remaining 2 fingers on each hand with the same TarasTalons polishes, as they are quite sheer. It was to be a bit of an experiment, but then the postman came...
The postman delivered my DRK plates, so of course I had to try them and being rather impatient I decided I'd stick with the polishes I'd planned and stamp straight onto the ready prepared nails.
I'd been thinking to do something floral, so I quickly scanned the plates and found a very pretty image on DRK XL Designer 2 along the lines of what I'd had in mind and went for it!
I stamped with Avon Classic Fit, a lovely dark blue. I tested this earlier in the week and was delighted to see it stamped really well and was perfect for the look I was thinking of. In my mind were the images of blue Toile de Jouy, like the cup in the final picture.
The mani has ended up being a bit of a compromise as the blue base that would have been perfect for a lead lighting look is a little too close to the stamping colour so it's lost a bit of clarity. The 2 accent nails are much more successful, although my top coat blurred one of them - OK so I am really happy with the ring finger!! and the 2 accent nails on the other hand look lovely and crisp, the blue against the nude looks perfect!
DRK XL Designer 2 with Avon Classic Fit
and Leighton Denny Honey Trap
right hand - DRK XL Designer 2

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