Tuesday 24 February 2015

Stamping! Moyou London Holy Shapes 04 - double stamped

Today I have been stamping again - this time with Moyou London Holy Shapes 04. I fell in love with this plate when I saw it, I just saw Art Deco written all over it and I had to have it!
I decided to stamp 2 different images, one in white and one in black so I went for a mid toned base colour, the gorgeous purple holo Above the Curve Pretend It's a Plan.
I didn't really think this one through - it's tricky enough getting alignment right on one geometric image but I was asking for trouble then trying to line up a 2nd image over the top. I got there (or close enough) in the end but I did have to re-do a couple.
I used Essence Stampy 001 for the white and I will say, this white is so opaque, I didn't really like it over the purple as the bands of colour were just too strong. It would have been OK for a finer lined design, but in my opinion I wish I'd chosen a slightly softer shade for stage one, maybe Mentality White Opaque, or a metallic polish.
Anyway, having almost lined up 10 images I was sticking with plan A, and moved on to the 2nd stage. I used Essence Stampy 002  and actually I think the design I chose saved the mani. The black broke up the white expanse and I was glad I had persevered. The alignment is by no means perfect but I am still happy with the end result, and I love that I can still see the purple holo shimmering in the background.
Moyou London Holy Shapes 04 - double stamped
Moyou London Holy Shapes 04 - double stamped
Moyou London Holy Shapes 04 - double stamped
Moyou London Holy Shapes 04 - double stamped


  1. HOLY MOLY WOMAN! Your alignment is flawless and this mani is utterly stunning - teach me the ways guru!

    1. you make me laugh :) there were some really duff ones, but its easier if you put your nail down onto the stamper rather than stamp downwards xx