Wednesday 16 January 2013

A England Perceval with Nails Inc Elystan Street

Well, I always said I wouldn't wear red and here we are, 2 weeks into January and I am blogging my 2nd red. When A England had a sale just before Christmas and I wanted Jane Eyre, something made me buy the duo of JE and this one, Perceval. It's a beautiful deep red with a shimmer. It painted on beautifully, one coat was almost enough but I did 2 as you always should, no brush strokes, the finish is perfect and I am so pleased that I went for this one!
Just after Christmas, a fellow nail fan put up a photo using Elystan Street graduated tips. I'd seen swatches before and thought how pretty it was but now I had to have it! So I searched all the facebook groups looking for one since its a QVC exclusive so it can't readily be bought. Luckily for me a chance comment on one of the swap pages resulted in a lovely lady selling me this one and Bedford Square, which I had also fallen in love with. In my mind I knew that I wanted to put Elystan Street with Perceval, I was sure that they would work together and when I came to do this manicure I was so nervous that it would be a disaster.
Well I have to say I was delighted, not only that Elystan Street was every bit as gorgeous as I thought it would be (they are not always!), but also that I managed to paint freehand tips on all 10 nails without making too many mistakes and I think the colours go brilliantly together. Elystan Street is a very fine red & sliver glitter, and the red is just right with Perceval.
As I was knitting the jumper in the previous blog, one of the things that spurred me on was the thought that the colours would work well with this planned manicure and I think they do.

And finally a lovely shot of the beautiful bottle that has sat looking at me for almost a week waiting to be used. I love it!