Friday 11 January 2013

January Blues ? - Kleancolour Neon Sapphire

One of my facebook groups suggested Neon week. I couldn't think of any neons that I had so I decided to use one that strangely has Neon in its name. Kleancolor Neon Sapphire is blue but as far as I can see not Neon.
It's a lovely colour, but for me not really spectacular. It applied well but took forever to dry. It's pictured here with no top coat as I needed to try out a new flakey.
I managed to get hold of Nails Inc It Girl and had been looking forward to a chance to use it. I love the effect of flakies but I have to say this combo was pretty but didn't really wow me in the way others had. It was very difficult to photograph and in most lights wasn't really noticeable at all.
I think I'll need to try this again over different blues and maybe black to get a better contrast. I think maybe it was just the wrong blue but it did leave me feeling a little disappointed - definitely January blues :(

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