Friday 25 January 2013

Red Gloves

Well, this is my latest piece of knitting. I had some red wool left over from something I made for my daughter about 8 years ago. Not enough to make anything much and it has sat in my "small balls of wool" box for all that time.
Then along came A England Perceval, a stunning deep red and there I was with painted nails and no gloves to match, so off I went of Ravelry to find something suitable that I could make with my red wool.
I am extremely pleased with the results, I haven't made any gloves with such fine wool 3mm gauge needles, so it made a nice change. They took a while compared to my usual chunky knits but the cables have come up beautifully, and I think they go rather well with my nails. I knitted these on double pointed needles, which used to terrify me but now I love this way of knitting, not least because there is no sewing up at the end!

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