Friday 11 January 2013

Nails Inc Sloane Gardens

When I first saw Sloane Gardens I knew I had to have it, then I ummed and aahed for quite some time, I did need, I didn't and then someone was selling it at such a good price I knew it was fate! I had to have it, blue is my most favourite colour for nails and I am recently addicted to sparkles so it was a must!!
I did do a couple of swatches to start, firstly to satisfy myself it wasn't a too similar to China Glaze Skyscraper, and secondly to see if I'd get full coverage.
Here we have 3 coats of Sloane Gardens and CG Skyscraper, and then 1 coat of each over 2 coats of Motcomb Street - CG is much more of a silver and blue combination - love them both!
Although I did get full coverage I opted for 1 coat of Motcomb Street (which I also love) and 2 coats of Sloane Gardens so that there would be no bare patches and I hoped it might be a bit easier to remove.
Sloane Gardens is a fine navy glitter, actually not as sparkly as I was expecting and in some lights looks quite matte but I love it and it reminds me of the look I got with 3 coats of North row. It is quite textured and with 1 coat of top coat I can feel the glitter particles, I quite like that but I may add a 2nd coat.
3 days later and I have added 2 more coats of top coat. It now feels a lot smoother but not sure it looks much different. As you can see, it still looks beautiful x