Friday 25 January 2013

Nails Inc Shoreditch Lane

Shoreditch Lane is one of the new special effects varnishes by Nails Inc. When I first heard about leather effect I thought, oh no, that won't be one for me, but then I saw a couple of swatches and thought actually I'm quite intrigued.
The first 2 colours to be launched were black & tan, but they came in sets with skull adornments and I think that might be step too far for me. The mulberry leather, Shoreditch Lane, was included in the latest TSV on QVC and because I think the general nail varnish world seems to be a bit divided on this one, there were actually a good few to be snapped up on the Facebook nail pages, so here it is.

The colour actually reminds me of Leighton Denny Crushed Grape although I think this is a bit darker, but it is a lovely shade and very me. I did 2 coats, although the effect was similar and coverage was good after one. You don't use a top coat, although I did have a little try to see what would happen, it lessened the leather effect, but did not completely smooth the surface. The finish is not matte, it has a lovely sheen to it and I actually liked the slightly rough texture. My husband hated it, my daughter loved it. I loved it too and it was wearing well on the 3rd day before I took it off.
I had a look around for something leather to compare it to. My red Hotter boots - pretty good match I think.
And finally one more pic because I loved it so much, think I will have to get the black one too.

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