Tuesday 29 January 2013

QVC Beauty Bash January 2013

I was lucky enough to be invited to the QVC Beauty Bash, as a last minute thing when a friend was unfortunately unable to attend. I could fill a whole page with how excited I was, don't worry, I won't, but I was excited!!! and eternally grateful to the friend who very kindly invited me along!
There were lots of stands there although I have to say I focussed my attention on the brands I already knew, and I was a complete tourist asking to have photo's with Lee & SJ from Bare Minerals, Lisa & Julie from OPI, Nina from Leighton Denny, Zoe also now with the LD team but originally a friend through a facebook page.
We had our nails painted on the LD stand, Drama Queen seemed very popular, and hand massage on the SBC stand, where I met the lovely Adele who presents on QVC.
So a couple of pics of Drama Queen:
It's a lovely colour isn't it and a struggle to decide which gloves went best!!! It's a very Cadbury's purple!

Unfortunately this chipped on the ring finger the next day and obviously I couldn't touch it up since I don't own this colour, so when Nails Inc Henley Feathers arrived courtesy of a lovely lady on the Nail Sale page, I just had to have a try.
I've never done a ring finger manicure before, wasn't quite sure but decided to give it a go, they are only nails after all!! These top coats dry very quickly and I think I need to get a bit more practice in at rearranging the glitters so its not perfect and I've seen much nicer swatches over paler colours but I think it worked quite well. The bar glitters are mostly silver, with black and copper but the black is not that evident here.
This look did grow on me, I might try it again one day.

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