Friday 11 January 2013

Neon Week ! Leighton Denny Maroon me Knot

Well it was still neon week and I remembered Leighton Denny Maroon me Knot so it was the perfect opportunity to try this one again. This proved to be a major challenge.
I had forgotten that you should really have a white/solid base under a neon so the coverage on this seemed rather streaky and of course it dries matte so its not until you put a top coat on that you can see the final effect. 2 coats was not good, and 3 wasn't really perfect. I used Chelsea Bridge UV top coat here.
As the finish wasn't great, and I could see the visible nail line I tried glitter tips but that didn't help so I went for full pink nail jewellery, Nails Inc Princes Arcade. It does look thicker at the tips as the glitter tips were still there and I didn't do the greatest job of blending them out but overall I was happy with this, Maroon me Knot is such a gorgeous shade and goes perfectly with the pink nail jewellery.
I wore it for 5 days and this is how it looked on the 5th day - barely any tip wear. I loved this and only took it off because other varnishes were calling to me :) It was not to bad to take off, using the nail soakers.

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