Tuesday 1 January 2013

New Years Day, St James, Ruby Glitter and Nubar White Polka Dots

New Years Day and not much planned: I kept looking at my nails and in natural light I could see the ruby in the Ruby glitter so I took a few pics to try and pick that up.
Natural light - I can see them but my camera can't :(
With flash...

Later, I decided that more was needed! So I added Nubar white polka dots. This was a challenge. The fine shimmery glitter came out fine, looking very pretty over the existing manicure but not a single polka dot! So I fished around and eventually managed to get one on each nail but that looked a bit forced, tried again and finally got a result I am quite pleased with. If I had been applying this over a dark colour on its own I think it would have taken me an age to get it looking good!
So the end result: Nubar White Polka dots, Barry M Ruby glitter and Nails Inc St James

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