Friday 31 October 2014

Halloween Stamping! A England Bridal Veil over Above the Curve Donna

This is a bit of a sneaky post as technically I should blog Above the Curve Donna first, but I really wanted to do a Halloween mani and time was running out, so I'll blog the beautiful Donna tomorrow, or very soon!
So, stamping... I decided to do a Halloween mani and CICI&SISI plate 10 has some cute Halloween images, as well as some cool cobwebs. I tried the small images but they refused to place themselves nicely on my nails, possibly not their fault?, so I reverted to my original plan of cobwebs on all my nails. You'll see from the picture of the plate there is a quadrant of cobweb, which I had planned to use but it was obviously not my day for stamping, I really couldn't centre it properly so that it would radiate nicely so I went for the full web instead.
I didn't try too hard to centre this one, I didn't mind if they were offset a bit and I am reasonably pleased with the end result, but yet again, by the time I had faffed around finding a polish that would stamp nicely over Donna, and redone everything too many times, the sun had gone down and I am left with desk lamp photos again.
I ended up using A England Bridal Veil, as the black I'd intended to use just wasn't dark enough, and I think it works quite well over the orange holo of Above the Curve Donna.

Updated Saturday, 1 November - added a couple of daylight shots.
Halloween Stamping! A England Bridal Veil
over Above the Curve Donna 



  1. Beautiful stamping, Debbie! I have to say your really great at stamping :) I love this with the orange holo underneath, so pretty! Also your instagram stamping nails were Ah-mazing! Have a great weekend! xx

    1. oh thank you!! I have just sneaked in a couple of daylight shots as I wasn't too happy with the other ones! Have a good weekend too xxx

  2. Great stamping idea! I don't celebrate Halloween too much, but this still looks good to me. I hope you had fun celebrating! What did you do?

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