Monday 27 October 2014

Stamping! A England Briarwood and Dragon over Above the Curve Akiko

I've been stamping again. I really am enjoying this, despite many frustrations along the way.
When I painted my nails with Above the Curve Akiko, I was already planning what I might stamp over it once I'd worn it for a day. I have a couple of floral dresses that Akiko would go well with but I wanted to pick up another colour from the dresses to stamp with. I wanted to stick with autumnal shades, choose something that would stand out well enough but still tone with the base colour. I went to my A England polishes since so far they seem to have been enormously successful for stamping. In terms of colours I thought would go well with the dresses and Akiko I really couldn't choose between Dragon and Briarwood, so I used both!
I stamped the roses from Moyou London Pro XL 10, using Dragon for half the image, and Briarwood for the other half. I wasn't too fussy about getting them exactly equal, just allowed it to happen and I am delighted with the results and the way the 2 colours worked together. I am still not great at using the right pressure to scrape the image so I think the right hand was better, and I feel I am making progress.
I think I've ended up with a very autumnal mani, and far better than had hoped for. I am really pleased with this!
Stamping!  A England Briarwood
and Dragon over Above the Curve Akiko

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