Tuesday 14 October 2014

Comparison post - dark shimmery greens

A couple of weeks ago when I wore Above the Curve Slitheen, I said I would do a comparison to the 2 closest greens that I have.
The 2 greens that came to mind were OPI Live and Let Die and A England Beauty Never Fails. As I went to fetch the 2 bottles from the helmer it was clear they are nothing like the same, but I thought I'd do the post anyway.
From the bottle alone, Beauty Never fails is a lot more yellow and of course has that gold shimmer. Live and Let Die also has a gold shimmer, but the base is a lot bluer, in fact is seems to have a blue smokiness to it that I hadn't remembered. In terms of green tone, Slitheen is probably between the 2 but it is holographic.
On the nail the same is true, Beauty Never Fails is a very dark olivey toned green, with the gold shimmer quite apparent, Live and Let Die does look less yellow and has that blueish cloudiness to it, and the shimmer is more subtle, and then Slitheen in daylight has a similar shimmer to the OPI, and a midway green tone. But that that's just daylight, in the sun, of course Slitheen is holographic so it's a whole different thing! Sun was being a bit evasive this week so I cheated and forced the flash, and even then couldn't properly capture it, but I knew it was there.
So ... similar, but NOT the same - do I need all three? they are dark green so of course I do, but if I only wanted 1 dark green in my collection and I HAD to choose, Slitheen would win, Beauty Never Fails would be 2nd, and Live and Let Die would come 3rd. But it is my collection and I get to keep all 3 :)
ATC Slitheen,  OPI Live and Let Die,  AE Beauty Never Fails
from top to bottom : ATC Slitheen,
OPI Live and Let Die,
AE Beauty Never Fails
 ATC Slitheen,  OPI Live and Let Die,  AE Beauty Never Fails

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  1. I like the idea of a comparison post! A lot of these are very similar though. I think the top one is my favourite, if I am honest :3