Wednesday 22 October 2014

Stamping! A England Lancelot over saran wrap mani

Oh no, the 3rd posting with the same mani! Sorry - this will be the last one, but this was going to just be a trial stamping effort, and I liked it so much I thought I'd share it.
You might remember yesterdays saran wrap mani, which was supposed to be a base for a dotticure - well the dotting tool didn't arrive, but Moyou London Pro Collection XL no.01 did arrive, and it's got dots on it so I thought I'd give it a try.
This is probably the first time I've tried stamping an image which ought to be placed straight on the nail - reckon I got it pretty straight on about 6 of them. It is also the first time I've used an image which has blocks of varnish (the dots) rather than lines, and I did struggle a bit on picking up a perfect image. Luckily I had just read a blog post about how hard you might need to scrape before picking up your image and I think I got better towards the end but there were a few waste images stamped on paper and the other hand has a few less perfect dots on it where it didn't fully pick up.
One thing I will say is that the dots are neatly aligned with each other and they probably wouldn't have been if I'd used the dotting tool.
Anyway, I stamped with A England Lancelot, a red black and I actually think it looks great over the light/dark pink holo saran wrap mess. I am ignoring the imperfections, and focussing on the pretty colours, the very fine red glitter that I noted in Girly Bits Too Hot for Pants peeping out from under the dark creme dots, as well as the holo shimmer.
And I love this plate, I can't wait to try the other images, and see how I go about lining the images up better on my nails.
A England Lancelot over saran wrap mani

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