Friday 27 November 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Cartoons and Comics

Cartoons and Comics! This was a difficult one for me as I barely had any suitable images on my stamping plates. Generally I have a preference for patterns rather than things on my nails so I don't have any plates with cute little cartoony things on. Luckily I remembered that I had Moyou London Princess 14 which has a Minnie Mouse image which I stamped with Colour Alike Kind of Black over 'Ard as Nails Lazy Afternoon.
Although I almost never do accent nails I thought this might look a bit odd if I stamped it on all nails.
I know the bow is supposed to be red and white but I couldn't  figure out how to do that and I did try dotting white onto the bow but that didn't work, so I am afraid this is the best I could manage.
I stamped the dots from Apipila Super Plate A on the other nails with Hit The Bottle Snowed Under. They didn't stamp brilliantly and no amount of changing angle of scrape or the scraper seemed to make any difference but you get the idea, I hope.
Despite being really wary about this mani, I think it turned out a lot better than I expected.
Minnie Mouse!

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