Monday 30 November 2015

30th November - St Andrew's Day

30th November is St Andrews's Day - when I was little the 4 saint's days for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales were drummed into us and we used to wear our Brownie uniforms to school to mark these special days.
This year I did a mani for each day. For St Andrew's Day I have done tartan, using Moyou London Hipster 05, A England Camelot and Hit the Bottle Snowed Under over a base of  Above the Curve Caty Periwinkle and 'Ard as Nails Dewy Morning.
This is the closest I could get to my family tartan - I am 1/4 Scottish, so I googled my maiden name and found that family name Clement is part of the Lamont clan - the Lamont tartan is blue and green stripes with white and black. There seem to be a variety of shades but I went with paler blue and green simply so the black would show up. There's probably a bit too much white but I do think they look rather wintery and very pretty!
The other saints are St David, St Patrick and St George, and I have linked this post to the originals in case you want to see them again.
I also did a quick collage of the 4.
Moyou London Hipster 05
Moyou London Hipster 05

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