Thursday 4 December 2014

A2Z Series - F is for Fashion

It is Thursday again so it's time for the next instalment of the A2Z series - F is for Fashion.
This one really had me stumped as I don't really follow fashion, but then it occurred to me - there's one pattern I see quite a lot, not least on a new scarf I bought recently so totally inspired by my new scarf, I have done leopard print nails.
I have used my previous mani, Colours By Llarowe Burnt Sugar, as my base and then used A England Galahad and Camelot for my leopard spots, all completed using a couple of dotting tools. Galahad is a great match for the teal on my scarf, and I think it looks really good against the brown, and I like the contrast between the creme shades and the holo.
This was rather fun to do and nowhere near as stressful as the last time I used dotting tools, the randomness of it made it so much easier and even my right hand looks OK.
Despite being unsure what to do for this one, I am pleased with the results but I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has done.
A2Z Series - F is for Fashion

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