Tuesday 2 December 2014

Neiru Challenge : Fine Lines Workshop 2

Today I have completed my second Neiru workshop. As with the first workshop, we had to watch the tutorial, recreate the image and then do 2 more designs.
This design was made up of delicate flower petals, with a wavy line across the centre, using soft pretty pastel shades.
I decided to do a rough copy first to see how I got on, so I recreated the outlines of the design on my middle nail, on top of my existing mani. The lines I think were marginally better than the last workshop but probably still a bit too thick so I took the plunge and trimmed some bristles off my brush as we had been shown to do, I then did the main challenge on my ring finger.
I am really struggling with controlling the brush, and part way through I cut the bristles shorter. Having completed this nail, I decided I rather liked my rough nail with the white standing out so clearly against the orange, so I went on to do a 3rd nail using the same colours as the main one but with the flower petals coming in from the side rather than top to bottom.
I am pretty pleased with the results although I have to say, once the pictures are loaded onto the computer, I can see all the faults!
The tutorial stated to use matte top coat but I took a couple of pics with glossy top coat first. My matte top coat is the Avon one which has a peachy shimmer - this softened the looked further and I think they do look rather pretty, if you don't look too closely!
the work in progress...
the finished nails - glossy
the finished nails - matte

If you are on Instagram and want to see what everyone has been doing take a look at #neiruchallenge

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