Saturday 6 December 2014

Neiru Challenge : Fine Lines Workshop 3

Today I completed the final workshop. I have to say I am quite relieved to say that! I enjoyed doing the challenges but they are so far removed from anything I have ever done before, I have felt completely out of my depth. Looking at all the other submissions made me realise I probably shouldn't really have signed up to this, but anyway, not one to give up easily I have seen it through to the end.
As with the previous 2 challenges, we had to watch the tutorial, recreate the nail and then do 2 more.
This challenge was mainly about straight lines, which I thought looked relatively easily compared to curves, but perhaps not... again the results looked OK to the naked eye but don't bear close inspection on a big screen!!
I think overall, I am happiest with my results from the 2nd challenge but on reflection most of them look far better than anything I thought I could have achieved, so I suppose I should feel some sense of accomplishment.
Neiru challenge 3


  1. Holy cr@p lady - this is immense! I don't know how you found the patience. It gotta be my favourite so far x

    1. oh thank you!!! have to say, they are very hard work, real hand and eyestrain! glad you like them though :)

    2. I really do. You totally kicked butt here x