Sunday 21 December 2014

Stamping! Mentality Beige Opaque over Smitten Seasonal Lattes

I have some more stamping to show you today. I think I had already bought the plate I have used today when Smitten Seasonal Lattes arrived, and I knew that whenever I got round to trying the Smitten this is the plate I'd be using to stamp over it. I first saw this plate on a posting by Anne from Betty's Beauty Bombs, and I just had to have it! Plate no 10 from CICI&SISI includes an image of coffee beans and it was that that caught my eye so of course it was the right stamp to use with Seasonal Lattes.
I was thinking of using a cream or white but I want to use white for snowflakes later in the week so I have used Mentality Beige Opaque. This has actually ended up looking gold, but I think that's OK - it goes nicely with the warmth of the brown holo.
The stamping is not perfect, I am finding different plates seem to need different levels of scraping, some harder than others, some in different directions or at a varied angle and I obviously need plenty more practice but I think the small imperfections in the stamped image add some depth to the mani.
The Mentality polish stamped well, and it was reasonably easy to clean up afterwards. I did smudge one nail when I top coated, I have to remember to float the brush very lightly across the nail, and certainly not to go back and do a 2nd sweep which is what I did on the little finger.
On the whole though I think these are OK, I like the contrast of the satiny finish of the Mentality with the depth of the shimmery holo, the glimmers of rainbow still peeping through.
No sunshine today, so I have some outdoor pics, some indoors using the desk lamp, and 1 with the flash.
Mentality Beige Opaque over Smitten Seasonal Lattes 
with CICI&SISI 10

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