Monday 1 December 2014

Stamping! A England Tristam over Smitten Fire Burn

Today I have gone for some contrast stamping, using A England Tristam - the most gorgeous holographic blue over my Smitten Fire Burn. I have stamped some pretty roses very much in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, using Moyou London Mother Nature 11.
The colours work well together but in bright lights Fire Burn is still so sparkly that Tristam doesn't get a look in. In softer lights this is really very pretty!
Although it seems criminal to dampen the sparkle of Fire Burn, I couldn't resist a quick coat of my Avon matte top coat, and I really like the effect. Not all of the sparkle is gone and the depth is still there, like glowing embers through the dark blue roses.
A England Tristam with Smitten Fire Burn
A England Tristam with Smitten Fire Burn - matte


  1. This does look lovely. The contrasting matt and sparkle varnishes give the finish texture. Your nails are gorgeous.

  2. Pretty! Love the mattified look of these polishes x

    1. me too, not too impressed by just a plain matte colour but on something like this is really works xx