Thursday 18 December 2014

A2Z Series - H is for Holographic

It is Thursday again and time for the next instalment of the A2Z series - H is for Holographic.
I had it all planned...I'd done a gradient before with 2 creme shades but I thought this was a great opportunity to try a holo gradient. I chose my 2 most holo polishes, Above the Curve Ultra Holo Blue and Ultra Holo Purple. I think it worked well, but it was a bit on the subtle side.
I had a plan of what I wanted to do with this mani next so thought I'd give that a try and if it worked, I'd go with that, otherwise it would just be the gradient.
I painted half of each nail diagonally with Above the Curve Crunchy Leaves from this year's Best Things About Fall Collection, took a few more pics in case stage 3 went wrong and then got stamping :)
As you may know knitting was my main hobby, although it now has to share with nail painting. I don't normally do intarsia, or fair isle as I really struggle with the tension but that doesn't stop me loving the patterns. I have a waistcoat made to a Kaffe Fassett pattern, with a saw-tooth design and it is that jacket that has inspired today's nails. Of course I had to stamp with my newest favourite plate Messy Mansion 40!! I stamped with A England Lancelot, as I felt black/red would go well with the Crunchy Leaves, and black would be too.. black!
Crunchy Leaves is a stunning wine coloured holo which I think went well with my gradient, and the wholo holo look gives a texture which I think is perfect to stamp a knitting pattern onto, so here we have holographic knitty nails  :)
I have included a couple of pics to show what I did along the way, but I am really pleased with the outcome.
Holographic knitty nails
A2Z Series - H is for holographic
Holographic knitty nails
the Ultra Holo gradient
gradient with diagonal split

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  1. This is just pure genius and amazingness!
    The stamp looks gorgeous and gives so much dimension to the holo, not that it wouldn't have it before. Just gorgeous!