Wednesday 10 December 2014

A2Z Series - G is for Gold

It is Thursday again and time for the next instalment of the A2Z series - G is for Gold.
In a way this was an easy prompt: I don't like gold nails so I only have one gold polish. It is A England Holy Grail, which I will confess I only bought because it was on offer some time last year and I thought it might be useful for nail art. It is a very yellow gold, absolutely not in my comfort zone but as soon as I'd decided I would use it for this mani, I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.
When I first started stamping, I went to Moyou London's site, and went through all the plates. This one plate leapt out at me, I think basically because I recognized it instantly as Gustav Klimt's The Kiss. I had no idea at the time what I would do with it but I liked the combination of patterns on the plate, and I remember thinking at the time I didn't have to use it with yellow! That said, I think Holy Grail is the perfect colour for Klimt's The Kiss.
I have quite a few gold glitters but I have chosen Hare Own Your Opulence as I thought it would soften the yellow of Holy Grail, and realised that it would be great to add that extra something rather than just black stamping on yellow. Own Your Opulence is a delicious mix of gold, pastel and black glitter, with fine gold micro glitter in a clear base, it is so pretty!
The plate is from Moyou London's Artist Collection 04 and I have chosen to use just one section of the plate, the overlapping squares.
I am really pleased with how these turned out, I love the combination of stamping and glitter. I can almost forgive the base for being gold, it's not the polish's fault my skin tone just looks wrong!
A2Z Series - G is for Gold

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  1. These are gorgeous and looking really artistic <3

  2. This is gorgeous, Debbie!! I love everything about this manicure - the stamping design is just awesome and I love how the glitter peaks through the pattern. You really out did yourself with this one, amazing! xx

  3. Love! There's something kind of circuit board-ish to it. Appeals to my inner geek. Beautiful mani x

    1. that's true, the thought had occurred to me too :) blue background silver stamping definite PCB :)